Price List

Paintings prices listed here are base estimates of full color finished watercolor originals and are generally determined by size of the artwork.  Graphite or sepia-only works (finished as drawings only) are 50% of the listed prices.

*Note that in the case of specialty framing or especially elaborate or difficult design/detail work in paintings there may be additional charges.  Commissioned paintings are considered on a piece by piece basis.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

For shipping estimation from the artist (C/O Latham Studios), please see this form – shipping from 55033.  For work shipped from a venue, please contact that venue.

Please send a message for a specific information and availability concerning individual works and/or sizes not listed here.  Pricing is consistent across all venues representing Rebecca’s work.

5in x 7in/6in x 6in        $995. USD

6in x 8in                           $1,195. USD

8in x 8in                           $1,375. USD

8in x 10in                        $1,795. USD

10in x 10in                       $2,125. USD

9in x 12in                          $2,175. USD

12in x 12in                        $2,810. USD

11in x 14in                        $2,925. USD

12in x 16in                        $3,450. USD

14in x 14in                        $3,500. USD

16in x 20in                        $5,450. USD

18in x 24in                        $6,995. USD

20in x 24in                        $7,600. USD

20in x 30in                        $8,950. USD

30in x 40in                       $14,500. USD

(listing current as of 7/2015)