Large Bull Elk Watercolor Painting

This is a larger painting that I was working on a little earlier this week.  It's a 20" x 30" watercolor of a bull elk, titled "Passage".  This piece developed pretty rapidly.  I painted a study for this larger painting as a miniature 4" x 6".  The miniature study can be seen in this post.

This is a larger painting that I was working on a little earlier this week.  It’s a 20" x 30" watercolor of a bull elk, titled "Passage".  This piece developed pretty rapidly.  I painted a study for this larger painting as a miniature 4" x 6".  The miniature study can be seen in this post. Rebecca Latham | Wildlife Artist

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  1. Rebecca Bell says:

    Hi, I’m from the UK and have just finished a degree in Photography. The paintings of the foxes are incredible you are really talented! I can’t wait to see your future pieces.

  2. walter bryl says:

    Hi Rebecca,

    I wonder if you can help me with a search. It is of a painting of elks by a track
    in front of mountains. It is by a very sophisticated “primitive”, named A Arias.
    The painting may be from Argentina ?

    hoping to hear from you ..

    p.s. I am apainter and a sculptor and [both] appreciate your work



  3. Don Warren says:

    Very Realistic! What size paper did you use? If you were to mat/frame it, what size frame and mat widths would you use, or would you float it?

  4. Rebecca says:

    Hi Walter – Thanks for your comments. :) No, I really have no idea where to direct you on your search. Sorry. :(

    Hi Don – Thanks! :D The painting is on a 20×30 board (hot press). My watercolors are varnished with a UV filtering coating, so all I or my collectors need to do is place it in a frame. :) Sometimes they are framed with liners, etc., too. I prefer to frame my work in frames with patina applied to them that are at least a few inches wide. …just my preference. :)



  5. brooke harclerode says:

    Hi my name is brooke and i am 13 years old and i am doing my science project on elk and i happened to just look at your picture and it inspired me on how i am gonig to do my project. if it would make a difference i say that , that is a masterpiece my favorite part about it is the glares and the gradation in the picture….. i love it


  6. Gracie Leago says:

    Dear Rebecca,
    hi my name is Gracie I am a 5th grader at the Journeys school in Jackson Wyo
    i must do a paper on a subject and i chose elk art i also have to interview someone i saw this painting and want to interview you, i dont see your phone number so can you may e-mail it to me

  7. Sure, Gracie. I’m glad you like my work so much.

    One problem though, your email didn’t come through so I can’t email you the phone #. If you can, send an email to the email address on the upper left of the blog (rebecca at, or use the email form on the main part of and include your email address.


    Rebecca :)

  8. Hi Brooke. :D

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a note! I’m glad you found this piece inspiring.



  9. Mr. Skinner says:

    Very Nice painting I like it but needs just a little more detail in the fur coat it looks to smooth. but very nice lighting.

  10. I love your work Rebecca. It is realy breath taking. I am trying to be a wildlife artist. I have done everything to put myself out there. I am broke, cause I re invest back into my work, also I am not working right now so I can paint, but I am quickly realizing that I have to work again, cause you need money to make money. What can you suggest on putting myself out there? Who can help me? Also I love your style. Can you give me a few pointers on how to further my self in my art with animal fur techniques. Iwould love for you to cretique my work, what do you honestly think? Wish we could meet for a cup of coffe I am sure we would have alot to talk about. Thanks alot for your time Rebecca. I realy do appreciate your time. If you are ever in Montreal, call me up it would be great meeting you.

    Gilles Delage.

    • Rebecca says:

      @Gilles – Thank you. How wonderful that you are working to support yourself doing what you enjoy and find inspiring. Yes, I know what you mean. It isn’t an easy task.

      Just work hard, produce art, always striving to better yourself. (…it sounds like you already are.) Get your work in front of galleries, in competitions, on the net, etc. It’s not necessarily a fast process, and it’s different for everyone.

      Fur- …just lots of strokes and observing the subject…and being sure to create shape and dimension.

      I hope my note helps a little bit. I really don’t teach workshops or studio classes at the moment, my studio work keeps me well occupied. If I ever offer a class, I’m sure it will be posted. Best wishes in your work..and happy painting. :)

  11. Pete Gordon says:

    I came across your web site while searching for arwork or prints that capture elk and fire. Yep, fire as in forest fires or wildfires. I am Fire Management Officer (Fire Chief) for the US Forest Service in Tucson, AZ and I'm looking for artwork to put in my new office.

    I like very much your piece titled "Passage" and wondering if you sell your work and if you could customize your work to include a mountain scene with a forest fire in the back ground of the "Passage" piece. Thanks.