Flying South – Cinnamon Teal Arrive in Texas

Water's Edge - Cinnamon Teal, 8in x 10in, watercolor on board, ©Rebecca Latham

Water’s Edge – Cinnamon Teal, 8in x 10in

watercolor on board, ©Rebecca Latham

This piece just arrived in Texas at Whistle Pik Galleries.  I noticed I hadn’t painted a lot of ducks recently, which was unfortunate.  They are beautiful and always have a good bit of personality that shows through nicely in a painting.  I especially enjoyed working with such a vibrant color combination with the Cinnamon Teal in this.  I had never painted this species before, so was interesting working with the rich colors of this unique bird.

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  1. Hi Rebecca,
    Wow, very beautiful ducks.You will get a good laugh, I was at an art show on Aug 3, called the Art Market at Jewel Street North, painting my Federal Duck Stamp a drake and hen blue winged teal, the background was going in beautifully, then a friend stopped to visit and when I came back to the easel to continue to paint what do you think happened, a whole swarm of nats flew onto the wet paint, needless to say the painting did not get shipped to the Federal Duck Stamp. I did finish the painting after picking the nats off one at a time with small tweezers, and resmoothing the surface with a soft red sable fan brush. Was not good enough for a duck stamp but was still a very beautiful painting. Wonderful painting that you so much fro sending, and say hi to your folks. Best to all of you. If you come to Webster,WI I’ll cook you lunch and show you my very not so neat(smile) studio. Jim Springett-wildlife painter