Mountain Oyster Club Contemporary Art Show

One of my paintings - Light Snow - Rabbit, 9in x 12in, watercolor on board with sterling silver

These are my paintings that are debuting at the Mountain Oyster Club Contemporary Art Show and Sale in Tucson, Arizona Nov 22, 2015 – Jan 8, 2016. This year’s exhibition was selected from nearly 500 artists with 1,600 artworks, so I was delighted that both of my paintings were selected […] Read more »

New Collection – Raptors On A Larger Scale

A part of a raptor collection by Rebecca Latham in progress for exhibition in the Middle East with Mandala Fine Art

  An update on studio happenings.. Things have been busy lately with a new collection of raptors being made for an exhibition with Mandala Fine Art planned to open in the Middle East.  I am very fortunate to have had so many experiences and research opportunities at various raptor centers […] Read more »

Peek in the Studio – April 1, 2014

A quick post with some new works.. Currently available from the studio, but will be off to other venues if not reserved. Checking Things Out – Wolf Puppy,  Opaque & transparent watercolor with sterling silver and 24kt gold on board, 6in x 8in, ©Rebecca Latham Momentary Pause – Wolf Puppy,  […] Read more »

New Pieces in the Studio

What’s been going on recently in the studio? Many new paintings and a bin of nearly completed works that aren’t quite cooperating with me enough to be finished (that or I’m being too picky).  Either way.. hopefully there will be a collection completed soon.  In the mean time, here is […] Read more »

Happy New Year and Peek in the Studio – Jan 1, 2014

Wolf, 5in x 7in, opaque and transparent watercolor with sterling silver and 24kt gold on board, ©Rebecca Latham

Very best wishes for 2014!  To open the new year, this is a new collection of work freshly painted. Evergreen Perch – Barred Owl, 8in x 10in, opaque and transparent watercolor with sterling silver and 24kt gold on board, ©Rebecca Latham Curious Visitor – Chipmunk I, 5in x 7in, opaque […] Read more »

River Passage in Texas

River Passage – Bull Elk, 9″ x 12″, watercolor on board, ©Rebecca Latham There is nothing like watching a majestic bull crossing a river at sunset in front of you.. this was painted from my experiences in Wyoming where I was lucky enough to spend the day being in the […] Read more »

Mallards – Work in Progress

Mallards in Progress, ~ 9" x 22", watercolor wash on board, ©Rebecca Latham

Mallards in Progress, ~ 9″ x 22″, watercolor wash on board, ©Rebecca Latham This is a new work in progress that I have on the easel, shown here after the watercolor underpainting has been washed in.  I wanted to work in an unusual size for a while and had been […] Read more »

Raven on Deadfall (Sepia) 12×24

Some of my readers may have seen this piece a little earlier, but for those that haven’t.. this is a work in progress of a raven on deadfall, sepia stage.  It’s a bit larger than I’ve been painting recently – should finish as a 12″ x 24″. I saw the […] Read more »

Wolf Puppies in progress..

    …a quick post showing the detail of a work in progress – a pair of wolf puppies enjoying a shady spot.. 11in x 14in, watercolor on board, ©Rebecca Latham  The painting is fairly far along already… I hope to have it completed soon. I’ve been a little less […] Read more »

Grizzly Bear (Sepia) 24×36

Being in the mood for painting a lot of fur, this is the beginnings of a 24in x 36in grizzly bear with the sepia watercolor under painting nearly in place.  The rich glazes of browns in the painting are going to be very nice to put in I think.  …quite […] Read more »