New Works – NC, NJ, WY – and Fall Arts Festival

It’s been a very busy September!  Wrangling deadlines, arranging shipments, and travel is always a bit stressful.  I was delighted (and grateful) to get through more work and research than I had expected to.  It’s amazing what some adrenaline and nerves will do!

Spent some time in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks finding more wildlife to paint as well.  You can read more about that on my other site, here.

Three of my galleries have new painting collections of my work available: Seaside Art Gallery NC, Decoys and Wildlife Gallery NJ, and West Lives On WY.  Please contact them for information or if you have any questions!

Next in the studio is the collection for Lovett’s Gallery’s The Good, The Bad show coming up in October.  (I’m afraid I’m unable to post any sneak peeks of these works until the show opens, however.)  Aside from the exhibition, I’m a bit impatient to start on some new pieces reflecting experiences from all of the recent wildlife sightings, so perhaps that will appear soon as well.