New Collection Of Small Paintings

Best wishes for everyone in 2017!  A new painting update – Just finished, this collection is on its way to Seaside Art Gallery in Nags Head, North Carolina.  For those interested, some in-progress images of these works can be seen here and here.

Seaside Art Gallery Exhibition 2016

Very busy lately for the new exhibition that just opened at Seaside Art Gallery in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I have over 50 new pieces finished just for the exhibition!  I am also grateful to have our show coincides the grand reopening of Seaside after the terrible flooding damage from Hurricane Matthew – so many worked so hard to make it all possible.  Thank you to everyone at the gallery and patrons, it was wonderful visiting with all of you!

The show is on through the end of December.

Latham Family Exhibition Seaside Art Gallery

New Paintings in North Carolina – April 2016

This new shipment of paintings just arrived in the Outer Banks of North Carolina at Seaside Art Gallery – many are still available. Please contact the gallery to view or if you have any questions.

I am looking forward to the exhibition featuring my family this November at Seaside.. Many paintings to complete for that! :)

Mountain Oyster Club Contemporary Art Show

These are my paintings that are debuting at the Mountain Oyster Club Contemporary Art Show and Sale in Tucson, Arizona Nov 22, 2015 – Jan 8, 2016.

This year’s exhibition was selected from nearly 500 artists with 1,600 artworks, so I was delighted that both of my paintings were selected for the event for my first showing with MO.

Light Snow – Rabbit, 9in x 12in and Full Attention – Red Fox, 14in x 11in, both watercolor on board with sterling silver, ©Rebecca Latham


One of my paintings that will debut at the Mountain Oyster Club Contemporary Art Show and Sale in Tucson, Arizona Nov 22, 2015 - Jan 8, 2016 Full Attention - Red Fox, 14in x 11in, watercolor on board with sterling silver

One of my paintings that will debut at the Mountain Oyster Club Contemporary Art Show and Sale in Tucson, Arizona Nov 22, 2015 - Jan 8, 2016 Light Snow - Rabbit, 9in x 12in, watercolor on board with sterling silver

New Collection – Raptors On A Larger Scale

A part of a raptor collection by Rebecca Latham in progress for exhibition in the Middle East with Mandala Fine Art


An update on studio happenings..

Things have been busy lately with a new collection of raptors being made for an exhibition with Mandala Fine Art planned to open in the Middle East.  I am very fortunate to have had so many experiences and research opportunities at various raptor centers across the US to put this body of work together.  It’s been a little bit of a stretch working so many large pieces in my usual high detail for this project, 12in x 16 in – 24 in x 36 in, but I think it is a good challenge to work through.  ..hopefully I will have more to post soon!


2015 Inaugural Wildlife Art Exhibition in Singapore – Mandala Fine Art

The opening events for the Wildlife Art Exhibition in Singapore have kicked off the show which runs through the 15th of November.  This exhibition marks the debut of my work in Asia –  I am very pleased to be showing with Mandala Fine Art.  These are my 5 original watercolors in the exhibit:

Some photos from the Mandala WildLife Arts exhibition in Singapore! :)

Mandala Fine Art WWF Singapore SHARK SAVERS

Posted by Rebecca Latham on Sunday, November 8, 2015

Donation to Wolf Park up for Auction

Wolf Study - Fundraiser for Wolf Park in Indiana

My donation, Wolf Study – an original 11in x 14in watercolor painting made specifically for their Walk for Wolves event Oct 10th, to Wolf Park (non-profit) is up for auction – all of the funds raised go to them for education and care for their animals. Check out their auction page for details.  Please support them if you can.


New Work – New Shows

Upcoming exhibitions have kept me pretty busy lately – this is an update of some of the recent finished works and in-progress pieces for the shows.  I’m currently planning out work for exhibitions in Dubai, The Netherlands, and Tulsa.. so more to come.

Commission Review

Working on a number of commissioned pieces lately.. I am often asked by interested collectors if having a commissioned work is possible, what is involved in getting one done, costs, and of course other finer details.  To answer that..  Yes – I do accept them – but in limited amounts due to the workload I already have.

Running across an article from Christies addressing the topic of commissions, a read I recommend for those considering ordering one, I thought I would share some of these sketches that were recently made for clients ordering a custom piece.

These pieces in the galleries below show the beginning design options of the commissioned pieces.  After this stage of showing designs for selection, I will begin the sepia stage that I often picture and then move on to color.  The final painting is approved by the collector before finishing, framing, and shipping.  Currently the chosen design of the snow leopard is nearing the later layers in color and should emerge from the yuck stage soon (i.e. it is not pictured at this time due to these technical difficulties).  For a full progression, you can see this earlier commission I made of a beloved pet named Chloe.



National Exhibition Of Wildlife Art in the UK

Three of my paintings are in this year’s National Exhibition of Wildlife Art in Wirral, UK.  The show will run through August 2nd, 2015.  Many thanks to my awesome cousin, Stuart, for snapping some photos at the preview opening. :)


The National Exhibition of Wildlife Art is an open annual exhibition based in the North of England.

NEWA was conceived in 1993 by a group of artists interested in depicting wildlife, with conservation as one of their underlying concerns. A donation from the exhibition is made each year to wildlife causes.

The aims of the exhibition are to promote and display outstanding examples of wildlife art from both professional and amateur artists.