Black Leopard Progress…

This is the progress of the black leopard watercolor painting that I have been working on (see an earlier post here).  It is beginning to have the feeling of mood and atmosphere that I am striving for in this painting.  I will be refining it further (which, I suppose, is difficult to tell being that this photo is a bit web dithered… :? )  and adding other details to it as well.

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  1. Lene Daugaard says:

    Hi Rebecca
    First – I am a great admirer of yours and your familys paintings. Outstanding and beautiful wildlife artwork. Being my favorite subjects too, I love to look at skilled artists drawings and paintings of animals.
    I have read your article: “7 tips for artists, how to paint miniature art”, but would like to ask a bit more about the procedure itself. Somewhere else on your site (or your mothers site?) I read that miniature art is the same as Flemish painting. I have then tried to find information about that. I found a site explaning this process for oil-paintings, but actually didn’t understand it very well, and couldn’t quite “translate” it into painting with watercolors, as you do.
    Could I ask you to explain the 7 steps of Flemish painting regarding watercolors ? It seems to me this is not just what you usually call a graisille underpainting ??
    cheers, Lene

  2. Dennis Johnson says:

    One more thing. You are quite beautiful also. Just an admirer’s compliment DJ

  3. Artdoctor says:

    Wow! So beautiful! I just found this site and it is amazing! I’m 13 and I love doing watercolour paintings more than anything else. Right now I’m working on a large stag. Your work is truly inspirational!

  4. Madhurya says:

    WoW!!! I’m totally speechless!!! Your paintings are too good!!! They are so real !!!! Guess you love animals…… excellent work!!!! looking forward for more!

  5. delia bracamonte says:

    hello i just wanted to say your work is a beautiful thing… great job

  6. Hi Madhurya & Delia – Thank you so much!! :D



  7. Lene, Dennis, Artdoctor,

    Thank you so much for your comments as well!! :D I’m so happy that you like my work!

    Lene – I learned to paint watercolors from an artist from Belgium – Carl Brenders. You can see what Carl does in this book – “More Wildlife Painting –
    Techniques of Modern Masters” by Susan Rayfield (published by Watson
    Guptill ISBN: 0-8230-5747-x ). It has an overview of his painting
    process. He was taught in his home country.

    Miniature painting has deep Flemish roots….but not all Flemish art is miniature painting. Miniature painting is simply very detailed and refined artwork. ….but some early Flemish work is simply stunning, and a lot of nature influences in their work, also.

    (The article I wrote about the 7 tips for miniature painting is really about miniature painting in general and isn’t specific to the methods that I use in watercolors.)

    Hope this helps…



  8. Miakoda says:

    Hello i saw your web site and i was gaping at your beautiful artwork and i think you are truly an amaxing artist. I am almost i and ilove cats :D


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