New Paintings in North Carolina – April 2016

This new shipment of paintings just arrived in the Outer Banks of North Carolina at Seaside Art Gallery – many are still available. Please contact the gallery to view or if you have any questions.

I am looking forward to the exhibition featuring my family this November at Seaside.. Many paintings to complete for that! :)

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  1. Joyce Stewart says:

    You absolutely AMAZE ME.

  2. Good luck Rebecca.

  3. Deb Keirce says:

    Your show is on my birthday! What a nice gift it will be if I can get back there to see you all again this year!

  4. Tom Wales says:

    Hi Rebecca! I love your work and I’m considering buying your owl painting at Seaside. Do you have any unusual comments on this piece of work.


    • Rebecca says:

      Hi Tom. Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy my paintings. I assume the owl you are looking at is the Evergreen Perch, barred owl with spruce? That was a ambassador bird, injured and rescued, that was a resident of a sanctuary for raptors where I was able to observe him. The spruce is inspired from the trees out my studio window. I have spotted these owls out in the yard hunting for rodents and often think of them when I scan the trees around the neighborhood.. the dark eyes are so stunning I think.

  5. Linda says:

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  6. aska says:

    Hi Rebecca! where can buy you works?

    • Rebecca says:

      Hi Aska,

      You can find available paintings either through one of my galleries or exhibition venues. I sometimes posts new available works here on the blog if I finish pieces not already promised to a venue. Hope that helps!