Silence – Barred Owl

Silence – Barred Owl, 8in x 10in, watercolor on board, ©Rebecca Latham This is a recent painting of a barred owl I completed.  It has a cooler background that I thought contrasted nicely with the warm golden browns of the feathers and yellow tones in it’s beak. I’ve included both […] Read more »

American Bald Eagle Watercolor – Work-in-progress

This is a snapshot of my most recent work in progress.  The painting is a portrait of an American Bald Eagle, 8×10 (traditional miniature).  She is an education bird that has been at several locations here in the Twin Cities, her name is Tempest. :) Read more »

Latest Studies For Paintings – Bobcat Kittens

This is a quick post with a snapshot from the last photoshoot/encounter with what will be in future paintings. :) Bobcat Kittens.  This little guy could not be more adorable…  So sweet. :D I hope all of you are having a fabulous holiday season!  All the best & thanks so […] Read more »


I’ve painted a bit on my mountain bluebird commission recently.  Here’s a snapshot of the detail – it’s coming along fairly well.  I will have to set this piece aside for a few days next week as I need to have my waterfowl/duck artwork finished fairly soon. Read more »