A Busy Art-Filled Summer

A very busy summer!  This year has been amazing… Time in the studio has been more productive than in any previous years, I have been very blessed to be represented by so many quality galleries around the country, and I have had the invitations and available work to be a […] Read more »

Western Shows – Almost Ready..

Finishing new works, framing, packing, shipping, etc… A bit of a rush around here, but it should be down to a dull roar soon.  My family and I are preparing for our exhibits out West this month and just putting the finishing touches on new paintings for the shows.  (I […] Read more »

New Gallery Exhibitions

Mute Swan, 30in x 40in, watercolor I have quite a schedule coming up if all that is planned comes through…  I am pleased to announce that a special showing featuring my family and a few other artists is planned the last weekend of October in Frenchtown, NJ – we will […] Read more »

Painting New Paintings – Horses & Coyote

I have just about finished my horse and foal painting as you can see by the image posted left.  It’s an 8×16 sized painting.  I will be framing it up for our show reception tomorrow at Galleries West in Jackson Hole, WY  :)  (www.gallerieswestjacksonhole.com).  I have been painting my coyote painting […] Read more »

Hummingbird Painting Finished

I just finished this new hummingbird and Indian Paintbrush painting.  I am finishing up on a number of new pieces to give some of my galleries a new selection — this one will go to Galleries West Fine Art in Jackson Hole, WY (www.gallerieswestjacksonhole.com).   Stop in if you’re in the […] Read more »