Here are a few photos of what it looks like outside my studio. Didn’t they say it was supposed to be spring?  What can I say… I live in Minnesota. 😀 Read more »

A Winter Guest……

I thought that I would share a photo of this (not so) little guy. 😀 This is a toad that I took care of over the winter. Before setting him/her free, I snapped a few references for the next time I decide to paint a toad. 😀   Read more »

Travels into the West………

One of the nice things about traveling with your art for shows/events is that often there are some amazing places nearby. A recent trip to Estes Park, CO for the Arts for the Parks exhibit and tour was a great opportunity for a photo shoot!         Read more »

Jackson, Wyoming

Our recent trip to Jackson, Wyoming was so inspiring!!!  🙂 One of my favorite photo shoots was along a creek in the morning light. We also did some photography near a misty waterfall as well as several fields of colorful blooming flowers — I particularly liked the beautiful back lighting.  🙂 Read more »