Peek in the Studio – June 4, 2014

New releases for this week..

Look Behind You - Fawn,  Opaque & transparent watercolor with sterling silver on board, 6in x 6in, ©Rebecca Latham

Look Behind You – Fawn,  Opaque & transparent watercolor with sterling silver on board, 6in x 6in, ©Rebecca Latham

Pond Crossing - Canada Geese,  Opaque & transparent watercolor with sterling silver on board, 6in x 8in, ©Rebecca Latham

Pond Crossing – Canada Geese,  Opaque & transparent watercolor with sterling silver on board, 6in x 8in, ©Rebecca Latham

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  1. Rebecca Hamilton says:

    I have long been a fan of Carl Brenders and had the opportunity to work with him once. I volunteered at a wildlife rehab center and spent a day with our educational birds on my fist while he took hundreds of photographs of them in every imaginable angle. As a watercolorist, I never dreamed anyone could capture that detail in this medium- until I found your work! I notice you use the Flemish technique of sepia underpainting. Do you then proceed with many layers of color alternating between warm and cool to create form and depth? If you ever decide to offer a workshop, I would move heaven and earth to participate! Your work is stunning!

    • Rebecca says:

      :) Thank you. Yes, I layer opaque/transparent/warm/cool to create the depth. I studied with Carl Brenders, and his techniques are the foundation of my work.

  2. Tammy Thiesse says:

    Hi Rebecca!

    I love your work. I plan to purchase pieces at some point, hopefully soon. When you post new work on Facebook, are they available? I realize I can go to a showroom to purchase, but I’m just wondering how this works. If I see something on Facebook that I’m interested in, do I just message you? This could be dangerous for my bank account, because I love everything!

    Tammy Thiesse
    Woodbury, MN

  3. Karen Mitchell says:

    I don’t suppose you do any tutorials or alike? I would like to learn from you.

    • Rebecca says:

      I’m afraid not. ..just a basic walk through on my YouTube. I used to teach a lot, but more recently have been focused on creating work for galleries and such.

  4. elsa gonzalez says:

    Te felicito,tienes un gran talento ,una dedicacion donde logras la perfeccion,que consejos me das para lograrlo,un abrazo

  5. Veronica Deevers says:

    I don’t see what kind of board this is on. Can you clarify that please?

    Great work! You are blessed.

  6. Nita Henderson says:

    Your painting of “Look Behind You Fawn” is precious as it takes on the innocence of a baby fawn’s face. I love this painting you have created. Rebecca, you have been given the talent from God and are using it to His delight. My most beloved painting that you have put on board I that of the baby cougar with the look of innocence in it’s eyes and makes me want to pick him up and hug him. I wrote and asked if it was for sale and hoe much but have not heard anything about it. That is my most favorite painting of any artist and would just love to have it for myself. Please send me an answer of yes, it is available.
    Thank you, Rebecca for sharing your beautiful paintings with the world.

  7. Janet says:


    Have you ever made a video where you did the entire piece? It would be great if you would be willing to do that and
    sell it for all those who admire your talent and would like to learn from you. Many artists have done that and I am wondering if you would be willing to do that.

    Do you ever use airbrushing as part of your masterpieces? I love to watch the short videos you offer but it is difficult
    to see how you are laying the paints in. Sepia seems to be your first step but what follows? I know you use transparency and
    opaque or gouache but your video’s move so rapidly that it is hard to see what you are doing.

    That said, you are most generous in sharing information by way of e-mails and I am most grateful and appreciate your