Interesting Places: The Minnesota Arboretum

Many of my paintings featuring botanicals are inspired by my visits to the Minnesota Arboretum.  It is a very large location with ever-changing gardens of flowerscapes that are simply stunning.  I have mentioned the location before, in post descriptions of some of my floral subjects, but I felt that having […] Read more »

Being a Power Artist (Interview)

  Recently I was asked to be a part of an interview series by fellow artist, Lori Mcnee, highlighting individuals as #PowerArtists.  It’s pretty flattering to be named a power artist.  Lori and I have crossed paths before as gallery artists, and of course online.  Here is a link to […] Read more »

Hike in Black Canyon Wilderness

This was a hike into the Black Canyon Wilderness in the Tetons early one morning before we had to be back in Jackson at our gallery. I was surprised that it was more of a woodsy trail and not as much of a ‘canyon’, but gorgeous none the less.  Several […] Read more »

Remember the Tetons

I have to admit, I absolutely love mountains..  This was from our trip in the fall of 2010 to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the Fall Arts Festival.  Spending the early mornings encountering bison, moose, coyote, and so many more that we come across in the GTNP.  Another one of my […] Read more »

Two Little Bobcats Completed

This is the final scan of the painting  ‘Explorers – Bobcat Kittens’. Painting the wall of moss behind them was probably my favorite part of the process.  I wanted to make the entire painting glow in warmth, so I worked in a limited palette and glazed rich toasty colors to […] Read more »

New Collection Just Finished

I have been even busier than usual working away in the studio and am very pleased to have these new paintings available.  I do have several others coming along that I hope to have available to post soon as well.  I hope you enjoy! As always, if you would like […] Read more »

Whitetail Fawn

This is another work in progress… It is about 5×7, watercolor, featuring a little whitetail fawn.  This little one just made me smile. :D (both when I visited her and while painting her portrait) I hope to capture her softness and personality in the finished piece. I have another painting […] Read more »

Exotic Brilliance – Blue and Gold Macaw

  This is a painting I completed earlier this year that recently arrived for exhibit at Whistle Pik Galleries in Texas.  (I just realized that the painting hadn’t been posted on the blog yet :/ …oops. ) I love painting parrots…and being able to get to see them and watch […] Read more »

Powwow Dances

Amazing day – I went to the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Powwow. Hundreds of beautiful bustles and jingle dresses for the dancing competitions – tribes beating the large drums together and singing for the vocal competitions. Everything was very impressive. :D (I didn’t, however, get the chance to go […] Read more »

Defensive – Timberwolf in Miniature

I finished this wolf painting, "Defensive", not too long ago – it’s a 9"x12" miniature piece that you may have seen ‘in progress’ here on the blog earlier.     I know that many of these web images online just don’t show the detail of the watercolors – so for […] Read more »