12th Annual IAA Animals and Wildlife Show, Texas

Curious Bandit - Raccoon, Watercolor on board with sterling silver and 24kt gold, ©Rebecca Latham

   Curious Bandit – Raccoon, watercolor on board with sterling silver and 24kt gold, 12 in x 12 in, ©Rebecca Latham Pleased to be showing at this new venue and national exhibition put on by the Irving Art Association, Rebecca’s “Curious Bandit – Raccoon”, and “Skylord – Great Horned Owl” […] Read more »

Just Arrived: Pair of Works in Tulsa

Resting on the Ledge – Young Wolf, 6in x 8in watercolor on board with sterling silver I enjoyed watching this wolf on an overcast day as he played and explored.  After a great deal of activity, he slowed down and curled up on a stone ledge to rest – a […] Read more »

New Collection Arriving..

Evening Egret, 6in x 8in watercolor on board with sterling silver & 24kt gold

A new collection of works was just delivered to it’s premiere venue – here is a first peek at the paintings: Evening Egret, 6in x 8in watercolor on board with sterling silver & 24kt gold A stunningly beautiful evening in a marsh as the sun was setting, all of the […] Read more »

Questions of Stress, Relief, and Relaxation

Dish of sepia and brush

Several good questions were presented over on Google+ last week.  ..so I thought I would post the response here for everyone who might be interested in the reply.. “A question: Is it stressful while you are painting and you are relieved when it is finished ? Or do you relax […] Read more »

Raccoon Painting Framed

This is the finished painting of the raccoon that was posted in-progress earlier – 8in x 10in watercolor on board.   …and below is a photo of how it appears in it’s  hand-finished frame.   I’m still not quite sure what to title it, but I’m pleased with how it […] Read more »

Finishing touches on a Raccoon

I thought I should post an update on a raccoon piece I have in progress (sepia stage of this is shown here).  It is almost done at this point.. just a few accents and fussing to polish it up a bit before it’s shipped off to the gallery.  I am […] Read more »

Settler’s West – American Miniatures (Raccoons)

This is one of my paintings that will debut at Settler’s West Galleries’ show, ‘American Miniatures’, show in Tucson, Arizona this week. Mischievous Curiosity – Raccoons, 9″x12″, watercolor on board, ©Rebecca Latham My other painting, ‘Explorers – Bobcat Kittens‘ will be on display as well The show opens February 12th […] Read more »

Daydream Greeting

I was very pleased to hear that my painting, Daydream, will be included in a line of notecards of my work that will be available across the US.  (My Mom, Karen, and Sister, Bonnie have their art work included in the line of cards as well.)  This painting has also […] Read more »

Daydream Raccoon Paint By Number

I just received a shipment of these kits that are coming out in early 2010.  Paint Works is using my painting “Daydream” as a design for a new paint-by-number. You can see their listing of the painting here. Read more »