Peek in the Studio, American Miniatures & Animals in Art – Jan 22, 2014

Snack Patrol - Wolf Pup, Opaque and Transparent Watercolor with Sterling Silver and 24kt Gold on Board, 8in x 10in, ©Rebecca Latham

Two paintings for this week’s Peek in the Studio..  I had a few more, but with all the deadlines I didn’t quite get them finished enough to post. they are on standby for next week. ;) These two pieces are for American Miniatures at Settler’s West Gallery in Tucson, […] Read more »

Sterling Silver and 24Kt Gold

I have had a lot of response come in about the use of 24 karat gold and sterling silver in my work recently.  Unfortunately, because of the volume of questions, I have been unable to answer them individually.   Hopefully this answers any curiosities people may have about the subject. What do […] Read more »

Black Leopard and Notes on Sterling Silver

Black Leopard Commission, ~5"×7", watercolor on board, ©Rebecca Latham

Commissioned Black Leopard in progress, sepia watercolor on board, ~5″x7″, ©Rebecca Latham   Commissioned Black Leopard, watercolor on board, ~5″x7″, ©Rebecca Latham I just put the finishing touches on this little commission of a black leopard.  These leopards always fascinate me by their mysterious look.  Their stunning rich coats so […] Read more »

Fawn Portrait

This is a recently painted little fawn portrait.  When working on the piece, I focused on rendering detail in the fur, yet retaining a softness throughout the piece.  I also wanted to portray her cautious look at the viewer as she carefully stepped through the grass.  Fawn Portrait, 7″x5″, watercolor on […] Read more »

Explorers – Bobcat Kittens Giclee Release

I am very pleased to post the release of my new edition, “Explorers – Bobcat Kittens“, a 10″x10” giclee reproduction of the original watercolor painting.  The limited edition of 200 is printed on canvas in the same size as the original work and is rendered in archival pigmented inks.  I […] Read more »

Masterworks in Miniature 2011

This painting, Mindful – Timberwolf, is a part of Gallery One‘s  2011 Masterworks in Miniature. Now in its 20th big year, Masterworks opens March 11 “Each miniature is so special,” said Alan Brown, Gallery One president,  and demand is so intense that prospective buyers from throughout the world submit ‘intent-to-purchase’ forms […] Read more »

Settler’s West – American Miniatures (Raccoons)

This is one of my paintings that will debut at Settler’s West Galleries’ show, ‘American Miniatures’, show in Tucson, Arizona this week. Mischievous Curiosity – Raccoons, 9″x12″, watercolor on board, ©Rebecca Latham My other painting, ‘Explorers – Bobcat Kittens‘ will be on display as well The show opens February 12th […] Read more »

Kelley Galleries Miniatures Show 2010 -Woodbury MN

October 15th I was in attendance for the Artist Reception at Kelley Galleries in Woodbury, MN.  If you happened to miss it, the exhibit is still on display through the 24th.  This is my first year of being a part of their event.  Many thanks to Don Kelley and Kyle […] Read more »

Snow Leopard – Small Miniature

  This is a small snow leopard painting that I recently finished – watercolor on ivorine.  The head of the cat is just about 2 inches height/width.  Being one of the smaller miniatures, it didn’t spend a lot of extra time on my easel, just a few days – one […] Read more »

Timberwolf Painting – The Starting Point

    This is the beginnings of a wolf piece – the sepia stage (My favorite part….where the essence of the piece is painted in crisp watercolor).  The painting is one of my larger miniatures at 24″ x 36″ – so adding all of the texture to the animal, covering […] Read more »