Sterling Silver and 24Kt Gold

I have had a lot of response come in about the use of 24 karat gold and sterling silver in my work recently.  Unfortunately, because of the volume of questions, I have been unable to answer them individually.   Hopefully this answers any curiosities people may have about the subject. What do […] Read more »

Illuminated – Snowy Egret Miniature Painting

  Here is another painting (pictured in progress) in my studio. It’s a snowy egret that I was able to watch on the beach catching minnows in Florida earlier this year (see my ‘Bad Hair Day‘ post…). I started the miniature painting during the NatureWorks show in Tulsa…painting in my […] Read more »

Intimidation – Black Leopard Miniature Painting Completion

  This is the completed painting of the black leopard, titled "Intimidation – Black Leopard" (5" x 7"). My object for this painting was to capture the intense gaze and the action expressed in in the cat’s position – a feeling that he may lunge at any moment. As mentioned […] Read more »

The First Marks

This is the beginnings of the black leopard miniature painting with the initial rendering of the fur.  (The sketch post can be seen here.)  There is much more to do on the piece of course, but the feel of the fur texture is in place.  I am eager to begin […] Read more »