Sterling Silver and 24Kt Gold

I have had a lot of response come in about the use of 24 karat gold and sterling silver in my work recently.  Unfortunately, because of the volume of questions, I have been unable to answer them individually.   Hopefully this answers any curiosities people may have about the subject. What do […] Read more »

Iris Collection

Iris Collection - all works are 5in x 7in, watercolor on board, ©Rebecca Latham

Iris Collection – all works are 5in x 7in, watercolor on board, ©Rebecca Latham This collection was inspired from a garden center I visit.  I had never seen such a buttery color to irises, and they immediately became one of my favorites.  The evening sun added to their beauty, with […] Read more »

Fawn Portrait

This is a recently painted little fawn portrait.  When working on the piece, I focused on rendering detail in the fur, yet retaining a softness throughout the piece.  I also wanted to portray her cautious look at the viewer as she carefully stepped through the grass.  Fawn Portrait, 7″x5″, watercolor on […] Read more »

Little Duckling Watercolor

This is a little painting, only 4″x6″, of a duckling swimming.  He and his sibling were following their mother across a small pond.  I was really drawn to the beautiful water patterns and the energetic personality of the little bird. For the painting, I focused on rendering the softness of […] Read more »

Welcoming Autumn

It’s hard to believe that it’s mid October already!  …in celebration of Autumn, this is one of my newer works that has not yet been posted… “Autumn Softness – Bull Moose”, 8×10, watercolor on board – A moody Fall painting of one of the many moose that reside near Jackson Hole, […] Read more »