Peek in the Studio – Jan 15, 2014

rabbit, 9in x 12in, opaque and transparent watercolor with sterling silver on board, ©Rebecca Latham

Quite a few deadlines rolling in this time of year, so lots of paint flying.  Here are the new painting releases for this week.. Golden Spinx – Leopard, 5in x 7in, opaque and transparent watercolor with sterling silver and 24kt gold on board, ©Rebecca Latham   Sunbathing – Turtle, 5in […] Read more »

5 Reasons Why I Love Working With Watercolor

Why do I love watercolor? It is true, most people do not use watercolor in this way when they work.  Often I find that collectors are curious about my use of watercolors, why I use them, and how I stumbled upon what I do.  In earlier years, I have experimented […] Read more »

Rabbit Collection – Sepias

Untitled Rabbit work-in-progress, 5" x 7", sepia watercolor on board, ©Rebecca Latham

I was asked to paint a few rabbit pieces recently.. so, I thought I would post some progress of these little paintings featuring some of the backyard visitors.  All of these pieces are 5″x7″. I am looking forward to how the background will progress.. I am arranging the settings as […] Read more »

Painting for Spring – Mallard Duckling

Afternoon Swim - Mallard Duckling, 5"x7", watercolor on board, ©Rebecca Latham

Afternoon Swim – Mallard Duckling, 5″x7″, watercolor on board, ©Rebecca Latham With the weather shifting to spring, I was in the mood to paint some little ones I’ve visited with in previous years.  I always love seeing little ducklings in ponds near where I live..tagging along after their mother.  It’s fascinating to […] Read more »

Rabbit Visitors

 Rabbit in the Moss, Sepia watercolor on board, 5in x 7in, ©Rebecca Latham I’m frequently visited by several little rabbits, most often in the mornings.  It lights up my day a bit to see a little furry visitors as I grab a cup of coffee and peek out the window […] Read more »

Evening in Indigo – Trumpeter Swan

Evening in Indigo - Trumpeter Swan, 5.5in x 5.5in, watercolor on board, ©Rebecca Latham

Evening in Indigo – Trumpeter Swan, 5.5in x 5.5in, watercolor on board, ©Rebecca Latham This is a recent painting of a trumpeter swan.  I loved working in this color scheme along with the misty aspects of it.  It had a calming feel to it throughout the process and seemed to […] Read more »

Owl Quick Draw

This is a piece that was done as a ‘quick draw’ and auctioned at a gallery in Hudson Wisconsin.  The artists in the event paint a work from start to finish in a set amount of time – 1/2hr to several hours.  This piece is a watercolor on board like […] Read more »

Fawn Portrait

This is a recently painted little fawn portrait.  When working on the piece, I focused on rendering detail in the fur, yet retaining a softness throughout the piece.  I also wanted to portray her cautious look at the viewer as she carefully stepped through the grass.  Fawn Portrait, 7″x5″, watercolor on […] Read more »

American Kestrel – Fly By Artists for Conservation Vancouver

The American Kestrel has to be one of my favorite raptors.  Dressed in beautiful rusts, blue, cream and gold, it is always fun to paint.  This painting places a male American Kestrel perched on the side of a large old growth tree.  His eye is caught by the passing Emperor […] Read more »

Raven 9×12 (Sepia)

Raven in progress, watercolor on board, 12in x 9in, ©Rebecca Latham I have always found ravens fascinating. However, until this piece I had never painted one.  I am particularly drawn to the patterns of his silky black feathers, reflecting a soft blue sheen that will be in this piece. ….so […] Read more »