Peek in the Studio – Jan 15, 2014

rabbit, 9in x 12in, opaque and transparent watercolor with sterling silver on board, ©Rebecca Latham

Quite a few deadlines rolling in this time of year, so lots of paint flying.  Here are the new painting releases for this week.. Golden Spinx – Leopard, 5in x 7in, opaque and transparent watercolor with sterling silver and 24kt gold on board, ©Rebecca Latham   Sunbathing – Turtle, 5in […] Read more »

11×14 Bison (Sepia)

This is a detail view of a new painting, 11in x 14in in sepia stage, of a Bull Bison that I was able to see in the Yellowstone area.  I’ve surrounded him with sage, grasses, and the burned out log in the foreground to compliment his dark coat.  Loving all […] Read more »

Blue Irises 9×12 in Progress

This is a new painting of blue irises in the beginning stage.  Because of the delicacy of the hues and subtle areas of the petals, this was not started with sepia as I normally do.  Instead, the under painting is worked in with ultramarine and a mixed soft green. I […] Read more »

Bull Moose (sepia) 9×12

  This is a new painting in progress of a bull moose from my travels in Wyoming.  We came across two bulls and a cow in one of our short hikes (and a smidge too close for my taste..).  I did, however, come away with amazing reference materials and the […] Read more »

Tawny Owl – New Painting in Sepia stage

This is a new painting of a Tawny Owl (European).  I love the warm sienna and gold colors of these owls… one of aspects that attracted me to begin this painting.  I set the area surrounding area with lush moss to compliment the rust shades in the bird.  ….looking forward […] Read more »

“Misun Dance” Debut in NY for “Portrait”

I am pleased to post that my new painting, “Misun Dance” (Watercolor on Board, 5×7), will debut at the Huntington Arts Council’s exhibition, “Portrait”, tomorrow evening in New York.  (Misun, pronounced ‘Mee-soon’, means Little Brother in Lakota Sioux) Read more »

Cheering the Studio – Wolf Puppies, etc.

Living in the land of 10,000 frozen lakes, I spend quite a bit of time painting in my studio in the winters.  But lately, it seems to be especially gloomy.  So, as I twittered earlier this week, I started on a new cheery, sunny painting of wolf puppies to brighten […] Read more »

New Wolf Portrait in Miniature

This is a new painting that was started a day or so ago, shown here in it’s sepia stage.  It is watercolor and about 8″x10″.  When I had the chance to study this wolf, I was particularly drawn to his beautiful light eyes (with a faint hint of aqua) in […] Read more »

Two New Works – ‘Trail Mix, Red Squirrel’ and ‘Wistful, Timberwolf’ (In Progress)

. These are two new paintings I am working on at the moment “Trail Mix – Red Squirrel” (5×7) and “Wistful – Timberwolf” (Approximately 8×10).  Both are pictured here in the sepia stage. I have a large body of new work that will be distributed later this summer and fall […] Read more »