Commission Review

Working on a number of commissioned pieces lately.. I am often asked by interested collectors if having a commissioned work is possible, what is involved in getting one done, costs, and of course other finer details.  To answer that..  Yes – I do accept them – but in limited amounts […] Read more »

New Pieces in the Studio

What’s been going on recently in the studio? Many new paintings and a bin of nearly completed works that aren’t quite cooperating with me enough to be finished (that or I’m being too picky).  Either way.. hopefully there will be a collection completed soon.  In the mean time, here is […] Read more »

Chasing Deadlines – Cougar Sepia

cougar work in progress, 5" x 7", sepia watercolor on board, ©Rebecca Latham

cougar work in progress, 5″ x 7″, sepia watercolor on board, ©Rebecca Latham I’ve had quite a few deadlines creeping up on me lately.. some survived, others didn’t.  I like to have extra space to set a piece aside and study it, see what tweaks it may need.. but I […] Read more »

Bull Moose (sepia) 9×12

  This is a new painting in progress of a bull moose from my travels in Wyoming.  We came across two bulls and a cow in one of our short hikes (and a smidge too close for my taste..).  I did, however, come away with amazing reference materials and the […] Read more »

Iris Sketch – New Spring Painting

  It is finally starting to feel like spring – it is warm enough to open the windows of my studio to listen to the birds sing during the day while I paint. :D Things haven’t ‘greened up’ quite yet, but I am anxiously waiting for them to sprout. :D […] Read more »

Plans for a Black Leopard

This is the beginnings of a drawing for another miniature watercolor piece I have in the works.  I was requested to paint a more aggressive pose of a black leopard as a smaller miniature, so this is a 5×7 of a leopard ready for an attack.  The subject of the […] Read more »

Cougar in the Mountains – Jackson Hole

My family and I will be a part of the Jackson Fall Arts Festival – participating in our gallery’s events.  We will be painting in the showroom on Friday & Saturday (possibly on Thursday evening as well) for their "Fall Roundup" exhibition.  I will be painting this new cougar piece […] Read more »