Commission Review

Working on a number of commissioned pieces lately.. I am often asked by interested collectors if having a commissioned work is possible, what is involved in getting one done, costs, and of course other finer details.  To answer that..  Yes – I do accept them – but in limited amounts due to the workload I already have.

Running across an article from Christies addressing the topic of commissions, a read I recommend for those considering ordering one, I thought I would share some of these sketches that were recently made for clients ordering a custom piece.

These pieces in the galleries below show the beginning design options of the commissioned pieces.  After this stage of showing designs for selection, I will begin the sepia stage that I often picture and then move on to color.  The final painting is approved by the collector before finishing, framing, and shipping.  Currently the chosen design of the snow leopard is nearing the later layers in color and should emerge from the yuck stage soon (i.e. it is not pictured at this time due to these technical difficulties).  For a full progression, you can see this earlier commission I made of a beloved pet named Chloe.



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  1. wayne chunat says:

    Really enjoy your work. Let me know when you exhibit in Florida. Would like to view your originals up close.

    All the best