Peek in the Studio – Jan 15, 2014

rabbit, 9in x 12in, opaque and transparent watercolor with sterling silver on board, ©Rebecca Latham

Quite a few deadlines rolling in this time of year, so lots of paint flying.  Here are the new painting releases for this week.. Golden Spinx – Leopard, 5in x 7in, opaque and transparent watercolor with sterling silver and 24kt gold on board, ©Rebecca Latham   Sunbathing – Turtle, 5in […] Read more »

Bald Eagle Watching

I went for a short walk the other day and saw an adult American bald eagle soaring overhead. It was soaring fairly low, which surprised me a little. There are quite a few of them that appear to be nearby residents and frequent the local area throughout the year. Their […] Read more »

Painting Research in the Rocky Mountains

Spring is a wonderful time of year in the back areas of our national parks. There are so many wildflowers on display. Today was spent viewing habitat of the Rocky Mountain National Park. The seasonal conditions have not been the best in the area. However, in spite of that we […] Read more »

Awaiting Spring

Here in Minnesota, "spring" takes a little bit to get here. :) The bitter cold is gone, but (unfortunately) we tend to have mounds of snow this time of year. Sooo… I thought a nice spring wildflower picture might help those of us who are buried under a foot of […] Read more »

New Paintings & Cold Temperatures

I have recently begun the color phase of my recent bathing swan miniature commission. I like the way it’s turning out. A photo of the color painting is now posted next to the sketch in my studio’s commissions page if you’d like to take a look. I’ve just started the […] Read more »